I’m excited and happy that you’re here, so you can see me dancing heartily (to Brenda Fassie’s Vulindlela). I’m unofficial in this page, you’re warmly welcome.

Okay, so I write poetry because I love everything about books. Books are not books if they were not written and read. So it is one thing I love to do. I try to read, I try to write. It all had started from writing short love letters for clients in high school. Haha! Now the words I penned down gave way to sentences and those sentences produced paragraphs and those paragraphs gave way to whole pages and pages make up books, right? I tell folklore/tales and I just can’t stop writing. Now I had invented a style I call poetale, ssssssshhh, don’t tell yet. I hope that one day my characters will come alive. But if you’re reading me that means you’re helping me by giving life to my characters. I thank you again. 

Most of the work here are forms of Nature, pastoral and love poems. I did collabos with other poets and feature other poets on the blog. I teach African virtues with folklores written in poetic forms which are not complete poems. I’ll like to teach poetry or the new style poetale, so if there’s an opportunity please let me know. 

I’m imperfect and so are my work. Sometimes my style will get you mad or sad but I need your criticism, I need your correction. So please do not hesitate to tell me what you think about my work. You can connect with me on social media, by visiting the CONNECT page. 

I won’t fail to thank those who encourage me and help me in one way or the other in this journey of writing. I thank those who have a little more time to comment and like my work and to all my followers I say thank you. 

Feel free, read me, help me connect with a larger audience by sharing poems, my musings that caught your fancy and let’s take West African poetry to a greater height. 

Yours’ penly, 

Iroegbu Okechukwu.