The path to Harvest

Joy is the fruit blossomed in the heart of the farmer

His smiles are meshed with the days toil and sweat

Patches of brown earth possess a part of his tired face

On his shoulders he carries a huge basket with some tools
And now it is harvest time…  

Now the fields are ripe, the mangoes are heavy with fruits

Birds sing from the tree tops, monkeys dance to their muse

Below the evergreen forest, the farmers find their way

Pathing thru thick mist and grass, old animal dung and dew
The morning was cool, once the path reached the stream side

The farmers stooped to have a handful taste of the waters

The taste is clayey, the scent like a patch of dust with water

The path lead the farmers into the deeper forests now 

The shrubs become scanty, the trees more numerous

And all about dew sail off tree leaves, bouncing into balls

Thriving bird colonies, Natures own secret fine hive

The bamboo forest stood close by, taunting the farmers as they went

Waterfalls let water drops fall and bounce off rocks

Once they arrived the plantation, the work began

And with it, went with countryside music-

And when they sang, they sang of places, far far away

Where the wheat fields are yellow, the cow milk tasteful

They whistle songs and hum when they were tired of songs

At last, the harvest became a pile waiting to go home


The Rainbow, 1st


The rainbow is my favorite color 

Her beauty radiates upon the cloud

Dressed like a man wearing a talisman

Savoring the scent of the sweet airs, 

A mirage because the rain won’t fall after all

There sits the rainbow across the firmaments

Watching quietly, observing the rules of the airs

Belittling the heights of the hills and mountains

Shading the greenery with a new look of aura

One to be seen in a long while, a perfect acquaintance 

The green is spirogyric, fading with the suns heat

The blues are epileptic, exploding without remorse

The yellows invisible, trying to hide from the group

And the red, painful, like a heartbroken soul 

The colors mingle with one another, raising hopes

The green fields of wheat turn gold with time

The dirt path glowing each time the rain goes

Image from https://media.mnn.com/assets/images/2016/07/Rainbow-Stretching-Hilly-Forest-Mountains.jpg.638x0_q80_crop-smart.jpg


My muse: Rejoice

My heart rejoices, but why I can not say! 

The sun has risen, the land is golden

The firmaments are bright, blue and grey

Dews melt, trees dance, flowers open
I rejoice for the lights which has come

For the love which I see all about me

For the little fine hamlet I call home

I rejoice for her numerous diversity
So today I dance to the rhythms in my head

In my absent privacy, I admire my hip hop

Desiring nothing but this feeling of good

Deep down me I change my dance steps
So today, I amuse myself with myself

I laugh at my stupidity and my bravery

I teach my wild spirit how to be herself

And teach my hands to tend to poetry


Love Poems: My musing 

See my musing for you, my Gold
My heart goes to you my lovely one

I whisper your name to the clouds

From where the nights are born
Your love is like the sweet grape wine

It tastes as much as the kiss you gave

For on your mild acquaintance, we dine

Our tryst- out in the gardens our food- our love
When you look at me, the caves sink

Your smiles are revolvers, they murder my silence

And when it all turns from grin to wink

I can accept how much, we both are linked


September,  the 14th

Let the strength of the eagle be given to you

Let the might of the elephant adorn your steps 

Let today be another winner to you

And your life more bright colors adorned
Birthdays are rare

They come once in a year
Happy birthday Charles Iroegbu…  I wish you Divine Blessings all round. 


Natures Image

Nature, glad tidings

Joint tryst of flora and firmament

Aging with time, the waters tide rise and fall

Green is the color of the small forest shedding the sea

Come to the deep, blue surf, dolphin and seals fine paradise

Nature paints amazing images from the valley to the hills

From the forests to desert dunes, from the blue deep to the greenery 

All perfectly woven to one another conscious, amazingly

Image by Pietro Polic


The Hideout

Only voices speak now, wind surge bring their words

Birds chatter up the trees, nothing but quiet silence

Dews hidden on tree leaves fall, tapping into a mock pool

While the bass-throated toad grunt softly at the dancing tree leaves

Sometimes the tree leaves fall in circles, gathering solemnly

The wind pushing them about, at least the ones who defied decay

Catfish roam the breadth of the free flowing waters of the marsh

Snails cling to the green bushes, water dripping from their hard shell

There is absolute quietness, mild and tender tryst of Nature

Beneath the dancing trees, few squirrels and insects congregate

Picking the sweet fruits which had strayed down to the river banks

Down, down the view, the waters fall with soft, strange sighs

White waters bouncing off shiny peebles and ageless rocks

The wind helping the surge, the sun finding no place here

When a seed falls- plum, into the river, the fish scatter in fright

Gathering again to swim the slow current, schools picking about

In this citadel, all knew no morning or night but excitement: 

One drawn from Natures providence, a quiet escape for healing 


The Forest


You call to me, tonnes of sound whispering through the wind

Calling me, singing songs of the wild, emissary of Nature

You send the birds, they ‘caw-caw’, they fly the heavily blued cloud

They make the skies their tuft, everything in you: their leisure


Green trees, red flowers, purple feathers, all in perfect unison

You call to me, you Baobab, you Bee and Flamboyant, you Cheetah

I listen, I write, I dream of your call, I write and I listen again

The days run out, they run fast into the current of the river


From the wild palms, monkeys dance and display their weird talents

In your joyful reverie you laugh at their circus and happy lust

Each day they play, each day they lived and so each day went

You engage all, the blue clouds, buzzing bees and seeds that burst


Down below, beautiful, fine and awesome lives exist

Crickets and hoppers play about, worms race on the clay

In the quiet mornings the sun must rise to take off the mist

All day and night, their is your song, one we can not say


In the summer, the hot sun shimmer and shine all day

The blue skies are unperturbed, the alligators lay lazy

In the mid day, snake beat the traffic, they make quick hay

All and all, at the end, you have your occupants busy 


Sunset: Ride of Nature


I see you ride with the clouds, hiding your face from mine

Blushing before the endless firmaments, resting from the day

You have carved a wall of silver triangle upon heaven

And upon the midst of the oceans of floating clouds 
To the ends of the dying day you created a memory, 

Streaks of your silver push in thru the holes on doors

… All that is left of a fine sun set over a sleepy city, 

The retiring day you made your fine troubador


Hidden in your dress of clouds you ride

Proud with the days work you are filled

The warmth are gone when the Night abide

Moistened thoughts, dried out with soft airs


Golden Sunset, natures even ride… 

Painter of the wooded Savannah

Traversing the cities and wild… 

A reminder of love, blessed of God 


Another August Night, a birthday song


I hear the wind howl through the gaps again

Calling out, solemnly to the young evening 

I hear your name being sung, by the days rhyme 

Ten thousand voices; everything singing at the same time


Cold evening begat bright celebrations

Hopeful; boxes of joy, gifts from the heart

Green colors, smell of sweet vegetables 

Purple hues, flowers and nice fragrances 

Yellow and pink, cute dresses suggested

But orange is for you, when you blush 


And to end this little musing of mine… 

Let the Heavens remember your days song

Let your wishes come true today and always
I wish you a happy birthday… 

Note : Today the 16th of August, I pen this poem to celebrate a childhood friends birthday. I wish you a Happy birthday, Juliet Okoko. I wish you long life, prosperity and much more. 😊 Happy celebration.