A Run In The Rain

Now the clouds are crying
The lines of silver show off
And the dark skies drain
Not a sight of the moon
Non of the stars either
Just me and Nature
The patterings bash on my head
On this night,
I was naked as I came
The rain drops beat me
In a soothing romance
The colds ate into my flesh
Shivers up in my bones

A home of my raging fury
A home of my boiling poetry

This joy of playing with Nature
The hope of another day
… Of another hope-full day
In the company of Nature herself
Feeling like a fish roaming
Searching the deeps of the Ocean floor
The rains wash me
All thru my body lines

The dreams I always want
The happiness I crave most

The knowledge I seek
Each day, from Nature
A humble character
Under the rain,
Or my whispering Pine
And the crickets on my room
Or yet a green soup