Oh Africa

Oh Africa my love
The land of many tongues
Beautiful and blessed
The land of the Ashanti, the Twi
The sweet songs of the Zulu
The many dialects of the Niger area
The turbaned face saying ‘Sannu’
The pretty faces of maidens all around
Dancing with the beats of the drum
Giggling and letting their waist beads jingle

The land of abundance
The Shea, the tropical forests
And all tasty fruit trees,
The Iroko standing tall over the hills
The farms of Songhai
The harvests come from the farms
The warmth of love, of the clans
Brotherhood, the humanity and values

The land of variety,
The white palm beer, mqobothi
The mouth watering bush meats
Oh the French touch of Lome
The ever busy Lagoon city
The island of Zanzibar
The night life of Cape Town
And the quiet towns of the hinterland

Africa the land of the great
The Lions and the Rhino
The Veldt and her bushmen
A trumpeting Elephant,
Calling her kith over the Savannah
Chaka, Achebe and the Mandiba

Africa, land of Mother Nature
The Victoria lake of the East
The Sahara and her kids
The Cape of Good Hope
Egypt’s mummies and the pyramids
The jungles of Central Africa

Oh Africa, you are truly a beauty

2 thoughts on “Oh Africa

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