Musing: Dear Diary

Dear diary,

This cold morning
I sit on my bed
Near the glass window
Staring sleepily up, at the fan
Though the fan stood still
I do not understand why I stare
The dry air had come
It had sucked up, all moisture
All the liquid here
I stare up, aye
Cos I am deep in thought
Thought of something abstract
I can’t even explain what
But thinking I must do
Maybe, it could be Xmas
The coming holidays, and exams
I marvel, but I am not scared
The hassles of travelling home
On roads filled with dust
Oh the air has taken all the moist
And it can be seen all over me
My skin, my legs and the face
These beards that stand on me
Which I resolved to keep
For nothing sake, perhaps for once craziness
I knew not from whence
This laziness came,
I can see even some warmth coming
The clouds are separating, up there
The sun is about to rise
And when she lights the horizon
And the grey fields with its gold
I shall endeavor to rise with her


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