Musing: Encouragement

When the night skies cloud
And all seem black and dark

When life seems so strange
And all about, hope evaporates

When no ideas come about to write
And the burning candles seem to be vain

When it rains and floods
And there’s no tunnel out

When pain and disappointments come
And the voices of regret calls out

When people laugh at you
Despise, Forsake, Jeer at you

When your efforts fall below your grade
And the pangs of disappointment comes pricking

When the people you hope on desert you
Closing the joy you knew before

The sun must always rise
The warmth it gives abides
And gone will be the treacherous night
And with the risen light
We shall find our way home

The gloom and sadness falters away
This we must live to say!
The stormy night shall pass away
Praise be to God for another day
And for all beautiful things that come with the day!


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