Midnight Thought

Once upon a midnight dreary
As I pondered weak and weary

The night was grim and all was damp
Swarms of flyfull insect surround my lamp

And out there the trees stood like Halloween ghosts
Waiting to take a stab, standing lightly on the dusts

The clouds shine, Zeus was trying out his new lamp
His match sticks light the heavens, lands and the swamp

The grey bearded unsmiling Moon shone gleefully
My big head watching it, tired and weary

My head stuck back into the window hole
And at first it fell on a big bowl

A friend lay snoring up the bed
And to me, the cool ground I laid

Strange lonely sounds of the dark
Rent the air, on my mind it left its mark

This night cold, quiet and galely uncaring for its looks
And all I had as a pillow was those books

I thought wild, letting my mind wander
Minding not the quick wind and her asunder

But if I was asked to let be
This night, what the gifts God gave me

The disturbing slow-speed lamplight moth
Or the cold winds this strange Night brought?


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