the Farmer

What beautiful things a farmer can be
The late night he dreams of his cattle
The other days dream was for the pigs
And always the sweet music of the farm
Comes to him as an embrace

What beautiful things a shepherd can do
At the call of the Rooster, early morning
He, off his bed jumps scantily cladded
Rushing towards the browned farmstead
To his bleating sheep and chicken

Then to the doors, he gladly leans to open
Praying silently to the welfare of the flock
Denying his own comfort and warmth
Greeting the flock one after the other
While they all watch on excitedly

His hands are smeared with dust and soot
He minds not the awful smell
The day will be fast gone, spent unwisely
If the Cows are not fast milked
And the Chickens eggs taken to safety

The moonlights are like childrens firecrackers
The nights are filled with sweet memories
For I once a small poultry tender
Will always return to my beds warmth
A very good dream to gather


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