A tale of Poetry

When poetry came upon the Earth
There was but a very little
A clan full of self-hate
The lengths of the Earth grew brittle

And many foundations could”nt hold
The forests were full of heart wrenching thorns
The deserts with man hungry cactus, so bold
That the dreams of men lay forlorn

The Whistling pines stood ahead quiet
The nights are cold left with no music
The Owls sit with dreary eyes and wings so light
The sounds of the Earth are poisonous and toxic

Then poetry came crashing down to the Earth
Rolling past an Ice man who stood wondering
Crashing into the little Fir forests and came forth
It bloomed about, as sweet tunes kept coming

The twilights bring forth the joys of many
The memories of the floras and faunas, bees and nectar
The Owls, hedgehogs, the Pines and the pony
The water falls and the blue clouds wonder

Now poetry dwells with men
It becomes Gods gift to us all


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