Choosing a school

Choosing a school can be hectic and stressful. Most times, selections are made wrongly by prospective candidates. Some make choices based on family influences or peer pressure, the fact is your the one who is going to school, not your parents or friends. It is important to make proper investigation on a school you would like to attend, visiting the school is highly recommended and also checking out the faculty and department is necessary. When I was ready to further my ed from the State Polytechnic, I visited four universities; FUTO, Uniport, MOUAU and Uniuyo. It was at the later that I pitched my tent. Several factors contributed to my choosing this school, one being the proximity of the school to my state. I am not the type that stay away too long from the family. Another reason was the opportunities the school and location had to offer. The school is a Federal institution translating to lower tuition costs. I fancy social resources such as the Schools Radio station, sport facilities and overall the serenity. Also, the school is versatile and many students from different states call there home.

I can summarily say that to chose a school that is best fit for you, one should consider the location and environment, the available resources (technological, scholastical etc) and opportunities, dynamism and the learning facilities and culture and tuition cost. Also, if you come from a middle or low income background, chosing a school closer to your place of residence is prudent. Atleast you wont spend much on transportation. Now some of the dont’s about chosing a school include the following
1. Dont choose a school because your friend(s) are
there. You will end up being a number.
2. Dont chose a school out of sentiments, like the
school is located in your state or city or your dad is the Vice Chancellor.
3. Dont chose a school that is known for much violence and educational inefficiency.
4. Dont chose a school located in a difficult terrain. Do you stay a day or more travelling to your school? What risks are one exposed to in such undertaking?
Those and more should be the guiding rules in chosing a school.


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