Two Poems of Oke’ Iroegbu, The Apple and The Summer

The Apple blossom and turn red
Before now the Pines tell her
‘You are not what we think you are’
For then she was green and young
And when the wind blew around
The forest side, she swerved about
Like a tree leave upon a branch
‘I will blossom some day, you know’
She would say and always chuckle
Blushing in grave but absolute innocency
And in deep shyness she would look away
But these Pines would always look to her
Trying to see a fault, two or more
But the Summer will ripen all
And the grapes would never be the same again

When Summer arrives with her smiles
And the wheat fields glitter gold
As the clouds turn blue and white
And the Suns heat wake from her slumber
Painting the Earth with awesome hues
And all about the farm, joy and gladness
Awaken warm apparitions of love
Sweet memories of nice wine tasting
And the horse rides across the beach
The camp at the bush of hares
And the gathering of sour-sops
Summer comes taking the coldness
Upon the Earth and off peoples hearts


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