See how you dance by the river banks
Throwing your green hands up
And swerving to and fro to the airs rhythm
With the suns warmth you waltz
Nodding to the chattering of your pals
When a strong wind comes you wave
Faltering and bowing to the winds grace
Enjoying yet the rough caressing of the airs
So firm your stem look but tender they are
The better half of the day you sit by the riverside
Listening to the talk of the wayside toad;
And his merry kinsmen
As they tell the tales of men and women
Who come to the river by the day
To wash their bodies and their clothes
The little fishes listen too to the tales
Wandering about when all is serene
Scuttling off when a shadow appears before them
But all this while, you stay nodding about
In a fix of dance and amusement


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