Just after I wake

I wake to the light shining on my weary face
To Heavens airs and my Gods unfailing grace
Before now, the window was half open
Dark it was then, but for the waking sun

My fancy, my imaginations knew no bound
For even in my reverie, my wits stay around
Crickets which stay in hidden cracks call out
And I couldnt help when a yawn left my mouth

Sweet morning just came by
The airs also with a sigh
Upon my bed, I toss and turn
And in my head an idea is born

I see a dead flower
In a vase, formerly for butter
How battered it looked, oh poor thing!
But to another thought, I let myself swing

Siblings and memories come to say hello
In my confusion, I have lived long time ago
I smile, I reply and I smile again
Asking “Breakfast is on the way, but when?”

Now as I raise this China cup to my lips
Taking a humbled long and quiet sip
And as the taste of warm milk come to me
I feel Gods goodness and how lively I can be


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