How I missed you beautiful city
The city that made me a man!
Oh, how lovely it is to walk your streets
Like Robin back from the gaols of France
But then the city wear a new look
Like a silver bracelet, shiny and comely
Upon the old things the new thrive
New Owerri and her cultured trees
And the people with their fine lives

The trees which I left as infants
Are now matured, bearing fruits
The roads are not so perfect,
The streets now bear gates
And men still scooped silt
From the waters that flowed east
There has been a tremendous growth
One unexplainable to me but cute
Strange architectural works of art
Here and there, they calmly litter,
The palms blossom by the city center
Overlooking the fast flowing river
See the lonely marble soldier
A sculpture depicting power
I missed the ever hot soup dinner
And the Hausa man who sold to me suya*
Now I am left to observe and wonder
For God has made here a blessed area

I lived in Owerri, capital of Imo State for a year when I did my Industrial Training with Diamondbank Nigeria PLC. Living without my family members taught me a lot about life, working professionally, chosing friends and managing my finances, time and self I came to realize I just became a man. Last week I was in Owerri, I could notice some changes which was actually sweet. I still love this city much…

Hausa: a tribe of Northern Nigeria.
Suya: delicious slices and pieces of meat, usually cow… grilled in the open air on sticks and meshed with onions, cabbages and grounded pepper.


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