Nene: African woman

The braids on your hair
Is typical of the African woman
Black and totally natural. Nicely fit
Pulling back your cheek bones
Into the hair…
Like a young gazelles face.
Your nose is like the fine basket
When you breath, it is a wonder
And it seems you walk on flowers

When you dance, you smile
Showing white teeth, unspoiled
The teeth: straight and strong
And perfectly fits in
And when you love, it is real
You are black and beautiful
Bold and honorable…
You care, you dare, you are lover
A definition of Gods wonder

When you pout and smile,
The reins of my heart horse drop,
You melt my heart with your laugh
Sometimes I want to run away
You wear beads of several twines
Swerving your body like the snake,
You dance, turning and laughing
And looking above your shoulder
To see if anyone watch; I am your admirer


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