Lions and Lionesses

Lions could be cute and cuddly,
But only without their teeth and claws!

They prowl the thick vegetations of Africa
And plains of South Asia…
With their manes as crowns
They rule the African jungle
They roar from afar…
And all tenants of the wild;
Deer, Elephant, Boar, Zebra
Wake to listen!

In the night, they set all ablaze
With eyes blood-shot
And paws ready to pounce
On any stray person…
They rule with clench fists
Crushing every opposition
Tearing opponents, flesh bones
And blood…

I always loved this cat, and thought of having to tame one as a pet. Are they not cute? Maybe not, when they are hungry. August 10th happen to be the Worlds Lion Day, so join me celebrate this exotic creatures of God.


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