A muse: Love

Days pass to weeks
weeks to months
Roses grow to shrubs
from greens to oranges

The dawn to dusk
path of life is made so;
seasons come and go
so do memories

When it shines
we remember the rain
when it storms
we remember the sun

Nothing is absolute
nothing will be perfect
without love and care
nothing will be worthwhile

The sweet nectar
grows in the flower
the bumble bee finds it
and makes honey from dew

If nothing is nothing
then something is something
If love is worth dying for
then that explains the Christian

But to desire without reason
that is ultimately absolute
but to care without affection
that is the purpose of true love

…We can never know who has fallen in love or hasn’t
Or why they falled in love or why they haven’t

but the ultimate is loving without reason


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