Poetale: Three Memories

Okay I recall vividly when I was younger and I wore skirts cos I forgot to get some trousers for the long holidays and I traveled to place where I couldnt get trousers or shorts. Then I played with other kids wearing skirts like the Scottish, just that I had no pipe to play.

I remember staying back on a cleared farm ridge to quietly study an ant and a snake came crawling behind me. I heard the grasses move when it came out for my siblings were far away from the cleared area and perhaps the snake thought the area was free. So I was between the snake and her nest. She decided to move straight for me and I dealt a decisive blow. The head was severed. The feeling that came afterwards… Me, yelling that I was a snake killer. Some snake killer.

I also recall slaying a chipmunk with a blow from a stick and an elderly hailed me for that… Yes I loved life, I love animals and pets but I won’t tolerate any that comes in my way of comfort like eh mosquitoes, rats, roaches, bedbugs (though we never had one), lizards (when they pack in, uninvited), sunflies, spiders (that build webs to decorate homes) etc. Well I was just a kid, full of tears and revenge for any rodent that dared to eat the fabric or food in the house.

I recall talking to the wild, to the numerous works made by God. My playmates were animals and plants. I made friends easily with stranger dogs and cats and babies. I recall this calmness I have with these wonderful creatures and how it melts my heart to see them malhandled. They seem to love me too and I can’t imagine enough how tender their loving hearts will be!