The Shepherds Tale

Lonely stars filled the cloudy night

Crickets quizzed behind the rocks

But the lonely Shepherd stayed awake

Watching the glittering from the star light

Listening to the bleating of sheep, his lullabic songs

Sniffing wet and mild airs that came from the lake

He lays on his soft pillow of wool

Wrapping his arms about his slim self

And wandered off in a fine dream

…to a place where the skies are blue,

And the grasses, green, fine and straight

With flowers; red, pink, orange, cream

The morning welcomes a golden sunshine

The Shepherd prays, dines and leaves his tent 

Through the hole in the barn door he tries to see,

Grinning at the sight of the sheep which was awoken

Quickly, he carefully descends into their midst

Waking the weak and nudging them lovingly

‘Wake, wake’ he calls out, the sheep knew his voice

And it came upon them, another day of feast had come

So in delight, the sheep bleat and head toward the forest

He picks one of his lambs,  his favorite choice

Whistles, sighs and talks to the fine little lamb

Now when the day will go the Shepherd retires to rest


When the Sun rises

I find you fascinating with your smile,

The way your fine mouth curves,

The color of your simply big eyes

And the look you have when you laugh
I look away, to hopes which I keep

Yet dreams of You and I in the field

Disturb my quietness, my sleep.

Am I sad or glad, Am I possessed?
This I can not say, no one can say

Why the lonely solemn nights are quiet

Yet the next morning, the next day

I am awake, hopeful with my pen to flirt

I see the white clouds in the morning, I see Your beauty too

When the sunrises, I still see Your radiant face and love

Musing: Lazy Day

Tossed about, is my big head

Weary from nothing, lazy mind

I took flight in the light wind

Wetting my eyes in the clouds

And the quietness was so loud

I slept, not sleep, reverie

Forgetting that I must eat

I woke, trying to be free 

But even then I felt crazy

Nothing wants me to be

And to notice that my words

Were written from the back

So to my lonely bed, I retired


Clouds float, birds fly away

A family of rodents rush home

The airs dry, so ends the day

But the night was just starting

The wind quietly blow about

Trees welcome the disturbance

Heavens Providence, fine sun set

Happy times, sweet melodies
The dark parts of the firmament

Reminds of the travelling sun

Going, moving to where she sets

The grey lines, silver,  punctual
We stand wondering where it sleeps

Why the breeze came without

Why strangely, we miss the sun’s help

But then that only is known to God

July, 2017


Sweet breezes, mild rain

Nature’s healing tune, 

The sun rise thru the hills

Painting the whole land gold

Dreamy feels of the poets will

Fall into circles, flatly bold

A happy morning comes, shy

Across the fine horizon 

New beginnings beckon to the skies

When clouds flew to oblivion

Welcome July, Heavens gift

Send down your mild showers

Let our wishes high, be lifted

May God’s love help our desires

A new month is birthed

Remind me of the Rain

Remind me of the Rain

When it came crashing down
Upon the peaceful and mild Earth

Remind of the run…

The dances we do in the storm
The fun we had when we could

Remind me of this natural shower

The taste of water straight from Heaven
Of the feeling of oneness with mother Nature