Musing of a Lover

I have thrown caution to the wind, and when I looked back I caught you staring

Your smiles warm my heart as the suns mildness upon the Earth on summertime

The birds sing on the branches outside, to me it is a welcome song of you and your voice

The grasses around the Rose flower smell great, same with the hands that planted them 

I have eaten my olive loaf quietly, in my mind I bake recipes that taste of your love 

Why honey, candy, sweet things melts in the mouth, your love melts in my heart 

Now I have seen my knee, I must knee before you, I must ask for another smile

To you I love, for you I loved, and you yourself I will continue to love

I see your hair fall by your side, I see your mouth pout in joy, I feel my heart leap inside

Your touch of victory I feel in me, one desire which I wouldn’t forget in life

And when I shall set sail to the days when our youth shall fade like falling tree leaves;

To my memories of you I will go, to the acquaintances, felt and unfelt I shall relive

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Another August Night, a birthday song


I hear the wind howl through the gaps again

Calling out, solemnly to the young evening 

I hear your name being sung, by the days rhyme 

Ten thousand voices; everything singing at the same time


Cold evening begat bright celebrations

Hopeful; boxes of joy, gifts from the heart

Green colors, smell of sweet vegetables 

Purple hues, flowers and nice fragrances 

Yellow and pink, cute dresses suggested

But orange is for you, when you blush 


And to end this little musing of mine… 

Let the Heavens remember your days song

Let your wishes come true today and always
I wish you a happy birthday… 

Note : Today the 16th of August, I pen this poem to celebrate a childhood friends birthday. I wish you a Happy birthday, Juliet Okoko. I wish you long life, prosperity and much more. 😊 Happy celebration. 

Teach my Heart

Reach my hands
Help me stand firm
Draw me close to Your embrace
Let me see the beauty of Yout Love

Teach my heart
To do the needful
To slay not time in any way
But to master the seasons of wealth

Touch my words
That I may speak only wisdom
Let my lips heal, paint love, draw warmth to all
Let my speech dry the tears of the broken

Take my feet to places,
Where the sands are gold
That I may behold beautiful lands
And savor the strength of the young Cheetah

Give me strength, give me…
Trust me with Your power
That I may soar above the skies
Let me be what Your Love is

The moon and night plays

Yells, cries of children disturb the nights silence
In the moonlight they dance, they play in the distance

Casting shadows upon the lonely tree’d pathway
Tumbling on sands, caring not for neither man nor scorpion
They make figures, people and tall castles of clay
Happily they yell, desiring nothing under the queer moon

Meanwhile the wind blow, the mosquitoes flee
Wild trees swerve like a mad reggae dancer
Children noises mix with the dancing windy trees
As the young night went black and darker

The Tree leaves fall

Permit me a sec before reading this piece.

I am pained to see the world destroy green life, I feel the grieve of these wonderful creatures, I feel even worse knowing I might not be able to save all the trees from the cruelty of my own kind. You all know that the trees are our best companion on Earth. Destroying them for some purposes, both reasonable and unreasonable can be our own undoing. These trees supply us with our very own air of vitality (oxygen), so please can we imagine a world without trees and say no to injustice meted on this fair companions of ours? I am taking this time to write this piece in dedication to all trees and green life, to all who see the need to protect trees and make efforts to save them.


Can you see the green leaves fall

When the tree logs fell,

Behind your window or right in your garden,

By the side of your garage or on the park nearby?

The leaves fall quietly from the trees

They fall solemnly, quietly

Swinging from a branch to another

Joyfully, weightlessly, 

Not discerning why it had to fell

 Not discerning the fault of the real world

But admiring the darkening world

And sharing in her downfall a tear

But a falling tree leaf never signify our downfall

But what will a million tree leaves look like

When they fall from the skies,

Happily admiring the dark Earth

Which we live, love and crave?

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A muse: And Today I am Human First!

”Do you know why people miss it a lot?
We love things and not people
We love money and not someone
We love machines and gadgets
And will give those our time and concern
While the world dies from human pain and poverty
The world dies from neglect and carelessness
So much machines are made, so much robots built
Nothing compares to that human besides you, nothing
Sicknesses are caused by man’s activities on Earth
Some stay to invent crisis and wars and disasters
I wonder what class of animals or plants they are!
Sometimes I reason why we are made human and not mangoes
Or crawfish or fireflies that prowl the pitch dark night
Human beings are laboratory rats for science
And the same scientists are human beings like me
What a shame! What a blunder! What an atrocity!

Can’t you see why wars are being fought?
Weapons got to be sold, business needs to be alive
And by the way, why do we settle disputes with wars?
Why not come let’s arm wrestle or box in the rings?
Bring your best man, let my nation bring our best man
We need no general chaos or destruction or death
We need to prove we are stronger with something else
Something other than a gun or missiles or bombs

Nations take other peoples lands and governments
Have you forgotten the reason why we are a world
Is the diversity and joy of living as different people
With several ideas, stories, faces, colors and faith?
What happens if all these vanishes into thin air
And everyone starts to think like a one headed hydra?
There would be no life if I have to change myself to be you
Or if you have to change yourself to be me
Or if we are forced against our will to live a certain type of life
Nothing forthcoming, nothing sensible,
Just a world of living zombies marching around
With a conscience infected by an evil virus

And gold and oil is worth more love than a dying child
The jewels on our necks are made from a childs toil
Down the illegal mines were modern slavery lurks
Men and women, children are turked away, working
Under the whip of the master, one with a dead conscience
Young women and girls are earmarked for prostitution
For Gods sake, we are not dogs, we are not chicken
How dare someone, anyone treat another as such?

Somewhere in the world someone dies for lack of food
People lack potable water and clinical concerns
Yet automobiles are fed with gas made from cassava
And science is researching food for future energy needs
The world has so much potentials, so much food, much wealth
But much more pain and agony
Where is the human side of men?

There is many who lost hope in what the world can offer
They chose to become a foe to the world of men
They turn to criminals, rapists, killers, terrorists
More is funneling towards that lane of pain and anger
All caused by human lack of love for one another

Who created money? Sure God didn’t
But why is money a god right now?
That no one can perfectly say
For even so, money can’t buy happiness or longlife
So why is gold valued than a mans life on Earth?
Will it be we got it all wrong somewhere?
Money is man’s undoing and man’s greatest weakness

The horses march with their heads
Nodding to the beats of the drum
And the strings of the bass guitar
They do their masters bid…
They are subjects of whip and burden
Yet they love their masters and do their will

The mother endure pains and harm to her body
She produces another life which grows to disobey her
Through her scars and pains she looks back at time
No one is to understand what went wrong
The silence between the pair greatly unfathomable
Yet from the angle of safety all was deemed well”

I walk away muttering to myself
”But note that love makes the world go round”

And today I chose to be human first

I wish

I wish I could smile forever
Sometimes it does not come so
I wish I was to pick comely flowers
Out in the fields where grain grow

I wish I could help the dying world
Though it seems some wish otherwise
I wish the nights are free of the cruel cold
For those who have no shelter or house

I wish that mankind loves one another
And help to wipe tears of the oppressed
I wish that it would rain and the waters
To the hungry lands of the farms flood

I wish I could ride a white horse on a joyful hue
In the lonely mornings thru the countryside
I wish you could see how much I loved you
And that nothing would make me leave your side