Sunrise in Enugu

Alas the sun rise above the clouds
Without the mild weather all seem hot

Above the hills, greened with vegetation

And roof tops, which brown is tanned
The clouds blue upon the long firmament

Draw very friendly and smiling apparitions

One that will definitely see the sun set

Birds fly, trees swoosh, the airs sing calmly
And in a poets mind, a story is being told…


Note: Enugu is the capital of present day Enugu state in Nigeria’s East. The city is characterized by muddy terrain, hills, green vegetation and welcoming traditions.







Let Them Hear

Let them hear…
From the hills of Isuikwuato
My sleepy hilly land
From my new’est bride Uyo
To the ancient muds of Enugu
From Makurdi’s Benue river beach
To those peaked crags of Jos
Let them hear…
As I dream of the undying
Lights of the Lagoon city
The snake lanes of Abuja
Cockcroachin’ thru undergrounds
From the deserts of Damaturu
And the grasslands of Jalingo
Let them hear…
That I am a citizen of Owerri town
That my Calabar is very pretty
That Ibadan I adore so much
That Minna is a scenic beauty
That Kano makes much of the Suya I love so much
That Port Harcourt is really a city of liberty

Let them hear…
That I love you my Nigeria

Line 2. Isuikwuato: A local government area in the present state of Abia. A land of hills and streams and great men known over the whole of Igbo land. The home of the poet.

Uyo. The capital of present Akwa Ibom state known for their hospitality.

Enugu. The capital of the old Eastern Nigeria and the present capital of Enugu state.

Line 6. Makurdi: The capital of Benue state of Nigeria. A farming region renowned as the food basket of the nation. The city is perched on the banks of the Benue river.

Jos: A quiet clean and hilly city. The capital of present day Plateau state.

Line 10. Lagoon city; Lagos
Abuja. The capital city of Nigeria

Line 13. Damaturu and Jalingo: Cities of the North east of Nigeria.

Line 16. Owerri, Calabar and Ibadan cities of the south

Minna and Kano: Cities of importance in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Port Harcourt: A city nested on the coast of the Atlantic. Its importance is linked to the production of crude oil

Suya. Skewered meat meshed in onions pepper and oil.

Study Question.
1. What unique features do the poem possess?