Dear June

Dear June,

The sounds of time revealed me to your music
The touch of your soothing skin, strong but mild
I stand love lost, wandering in the forests wild
For you; my acquiantance, my love, my all


Two Musings; Your smile and African nights

1. Your Smile

Your smiles are wonderful, they tickle my soul
It takes me to heights of love, brings me to joy
When you smile, you remind me of the Rose
The parting of your red lips a memory to behold

In your beautiful warm smile I find an embrace
It spoke of speeches untold, reverred and blessed
And tells me more of you that I never have known
But in all, your smiles are exotic, pretty to the eyes

2. African nights

In the morning the mild golden sun rise above the huts and hills
Painting the corn fields yellow and making the streams shimmer
Upon the flowing rivers it glitters, till the dead end below a tree root
Big fishes stay ready to strafe up to pick insects off the tree barks

In the hamlets, dogs chased dogs, children played here and there
Men and boys went towards the great forests beyond the hills
To check hidden traps tucked away or tend to their farms needs
Girls pounded yams, making dishes with bush meat from the hunters

In the evenings, the children and elderly gather to tell night tales
When the moon light shine and the airs are soothingly mild
Everyone who wished to hear the tale of the night sit for it
And when it is told, even before the tales end many went snoring…
Now Africa


Teach my Heart

Reach my hands
Help me stand firm
Draw me close to Your embrace
Let me see the beauty of Yout Love

Teach my heart
To do the needful
To slay not time in any way
But to master the seasons of wealth

Touch my words
That I may speak only wisdom
Let my lips heal, paint love, draw warmth to all
Let my speech dry the tears of the broken

Take my feet to places,
Where the sands are gold
That I may behold beautiful lands
And savor the strength of the young Cheetah

Give me strength, give me…
Trust me with Your power
That I may soar above the skies
Let me be what Your Love is


Musing: Sweet and Sour

Bent, folded I returned to my own self
Baking in the euphoria of failed love itself
Shivers accompany thoughts, rented worries
Revived just to welcome the sad, old self
Moments are lost when smiles were love,
When winks, faces said how much I cared

Transform me back, if I have no soul at all
Let the toils of failed love refresh my hopes
Let me live to love without remorse


the tryst

“Come my tryst, come my lover…”

I made you my love, and it come in form of a rare bead
Which you wear in the heart of your hearts
Where memories fall and rise, play and replay in ecstacy
My own joy is not built upon your beautiful face,
I am graced to have a soul refined, pure and pretiful

Permit me to write this poem upon your back
Let my pen be your guest this evening of wonderful airs
Throw your hands up, watch me sing to you of the Frog
Of the Willow Tree and the queer Nightingale which sang

I invite you to a two man drama; not Romeo’s, not Juliet’s
Just you and I, under the full grey moon shine
Stand aside, let me show you the new dance I learnt
Come nearer and let us see our faces, even closer
Come let me tell you of my love and how loving you set me free…

Nothing excites me more…
Nothing reveals truly your love

It is hidden like the tendrils
Beneath the Oak trees barks
But yet when this tryst comes
I know I am loved beyond measure


Musing: Setting sun

The setting sun reminds me of many things
Some nice, some exciting, some make me laugh
And others leave me sobbing at the thought
But making me to laugh or leaving me to sob
I find times defined in those memories, not me
Twilight comes with even finer airs, playing
On fantasies that my mind accepted long ago
Demanding is the airs,  her companion upon her wake
Surging to meet all the news that came with the evening
Particularly, the rendezvous staged by happy lovers



Nothing compares to speeches made by the eyes
When fine memories tumble into low faint sighs
Now see our glamour fade before the waking morning
With the old tree, where we played sitting and grinning
Mourning the demise of a union which might not be
Or which was but could not be totally seen

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The Butterfly


See Mother Natures art

See her paintings, black and white

Behold gift of the rising sun,

The wind is a prize to be won

So fly pet of the blue clouds

… skies and the wind

Break forth from the cocoon

Hit the silky walls wide open

Fly away, you pretty butterfly

Travel farther up, up the sky

Make the wind your companion

And the great freedom your own

Shoot into the blue clouds

With much energy and pride

Up the mighty skies you belong,

So spread your creamy wings

Set sail for the unknown North

Fly, fly away and find your warmth