Life in African tropics

In the beginning, life in the tropical forests made more sense without man’s interest

When man was afraid to bother the endless mass of green with fearful bugs and insects


Strange as it seem, but the green tropical forest is a wonderland

So much activity go on here, such that it is a distinct world,

In the heat of the morning, the meek insects burrow in the sand

While the loud ones cry out to their scattered beloved

When it rain, the soft waters collect at a point and run off tree leaves

Creating many pools for thirsty fauns and plants that live around

Snakes, boas, mambas, lay lazy, enjoying their free sun tan

One eye on the sky and one on the quiet green landscape

Monkeys play games, disturbing neighbors who hide from them

When a dangerous stranger passed by, they honk with all their strength

For it was their tradition to do so when they see a hog, Leopard or python

So the day grow humid, sharing the heat of the waking sun across the horizon


Below the trees’ branches many mouths forage hungrily

Ants run up trees with heavy loads they struggle to carry,

On the soft soil, the bugs and worms dig away, hurriedly

Waiting for the coming darkness which seemed carefree,

Crocodiles and hippos sit in the sun with birds feasting on their bugs

Rivers and streams flow quietly or when the waters fall, it beats drums

Dragon flies pursue stray insects as hornets buzz about seeking their prey

Out on the humid air, birds fly, hunt and display their beauty

Hawks and Kites are rampant, the forest provides all their needs

Insects with and without wings play in the open insufferable sun

Winged ones; beetles, butterflies and mantis surf the wind

Enjoying the freedom and happiness that comes with the flight

But then the evening came treacherously; steady and quiet


It is now that birds fly away to their home, calling to the setting sun

Noisy Partridges, Swans, Cranes love the evening home coming

The slow walkers association led by Snails and Tortoises crawl home

The sunset bring great joy to the worms and the timid albino ants

To others like the grasshoppers, wasps and bees it was time to retire

Termites disappear into their tunnels, but their softer relatives, the sugar ants

Troop out to find their food, savoring the feeling that their own day just began

Snakes and tarantulas hide in corners, waiting for rats and other small rodents

Bats surface with fiery looking hoods, as that of a masquerade’s mask

It was night and it was time for nocturnal animals of different clans


In the end, life in the tropical forests made more sense without man’s interest

But it grew sore, now man’s snares and tools abound below the quiet tree roots


Natures Image

Nature, glad tidings

Joint tryst of flora and firmament

Aging with time, the waters tide rise and fall

Green is the color of the small forest shedding the sea

Come to the deep, blue surf, dolphin and seals fine paradise

Nature paints amazing images from the valley to the hills

From the forests to desert dunes, from the blue deep to the greenery 

All perfectly woven to one another conscious, amazingly

Image by Pietro Polic

An African Lullaby

Come closer, come hear the song I must sing this night
Come let us sit under the mango, let us enjoy the moon light,
The sweet breeze that seem like that of the quiet riversides
Which flows freely, running in peaceful haste thru the wild

The cold day took her toil on our strength
But the night fire hands us some warmth
Lean back, let me pull your hairs again
Close your eyes now and just listen

Listen to my croaky voice sing of the cute little Nightingale,
And of the Rose flower which blushed for the Blue whale
Nothing paints more pictures but a pretty imagination
Now close your eyes, imagine me singing an old song

”Once upon a time…!” that must be the sound of sleep
Alas, do not retire yet, my stories are a generous heap
The tales which you fancy most when the moon is half
And the song where the moon got eaten by the tall giraffe

It is a Good Night Africa!
You have a wonderful night rest too!

The Butterfly

See Mother Natures art

See her paintings, black and white

Behold gift of the rising sun,

The wind is a prize to be won

So fly pet of the blue clouds

… skies and the wind

Break forth from the cocoon

Hit the silky walls wide open

Fly away, you pretty butterfly

Travel farther up, up the sky

Make the wind your companion

And the great freedom your own

Shoot into the blue clouds

With much energy and pride

Up the mighty skies you belong,

So spread your creamy wings

Set sail for the unknown North

Fly, fly away and find your warmth

Let us take a Walk


 Now let us take a walk through the pine forest

Through the shed which the forest provides

Through the pathway where the leaves form a cushion

Through the place where the squirrels make an abode

And the darkness of the shrubs a shed from the noon

Come let us take a walk through the lands where wheat grow

Where our eyes will meet the wonders of mother Nature,

Through the lands where fine green forests stay

Through gardens of tulips and roses and the Jacaranda

And where the streams flow towards the estuary

Let us take a walk through lands where men keep flowers

And when they blossom they pick them for the ladies

And the happy ladies dance to the love of the men

And when they dance they turn to smile showing fine teeth

Hoping for more flowers as they twist and turn

Come let us take a walk through my minds eyes

Let us write a story of our very own imaginations

Let us walk the path which no other human ever walked

Come let us give life to stories of lands far away

And lands where the sun rise with her golden entourage

Let us take a walk through the fields called love

And drink of the elixir which heals all pains

Let us take a walk through Gods word and grace

Through sincerity and purpose, through care and humanity

And hope that planes drop cucumbers and not bombs!

Come let us take a walk through fields of wheat

Let us gather the snails and slugs with a rake

Let us make fun of the things which stay around

And when the nights come to our moments

Let us sit to warm ourselves on a fire on the field