Sunset: Ride of Nature


I see you ride with the clouds, hiding your face from mine

Blushing before the endless firmaments, resting from the day

You have carved a wall of silver triangle upon heaven

And upon the midst of the oceans of floating clouds 
To the ends of the dying day you created a memory, 

Streaks of your silver push in thru the holes on doors

… All that is left of a fine sun set over a sleepy city, 

The retiring day you made your fine troubador


Hidden in your dress of clouds you ride

Proud with the days work you are filled

The warmth are gone when the Night abide

Moistened thoughts, dried out with soft airs


Golden Sunset, natures even ride… 

Painter of the wooded Savannah

Traversing the cities and wild… 

A reminder of love, blessed of God 


Musing: The howling wind

I hear the wind howl through the gaps,

Through the minute holes which stayed in the walls

Pushing, hissing it went, pushing the books on my laps

Turning the pages without my consent, winning it all
The wind disturb the happy quiet night

Making the room look like a party hall

While I tried gathering my loose book pages

The curtain and the candle dance away, wildly
Stars won’t fall from the skies

Even though the wind sound heavy

Watch it, observe well with your eyes

For such nights seldom come rarely

Heart by Obiajulu Nwodo

A bag of emotion
Trapped with a cord
of many wires

Beating, thuding
Hoarding Wickey the
foe of Goody

Bridge to life and
abode of diss and bliss
Who could eat his?

Okay, this is the second time Im publishing her. I find her work fascinating, the characters leaving and I think she has got messages to pass to the world. She is a good poet and friend and we do share ideas.