Rainmaker Tales, the first

When the green neighborhood dance to the call of the wild one

Dark are the skies, darker even are the clouds which stalked the rain

The wind came swift and slow; rushing at times as petals of flowers danced

To the music of the coming rain; to lullabies that made heads bounce 

And to the Forest people, to the clans that inhabits the wooded lands

A rainmaker was awake, perhaps trying his skills or yet just being mad! 

The lightning draw bizarre images across the dark firmaments 

Causing the trees to look like knights with forks on the foot path

Silhouettes of mud huts stood motionless in the fiery wind surge

Exposed to danger: the rainmakers ire, the villagers try to dodge
The day turns to night, helter shelter is the song of the hamlet

When the rainmakers strength leaves him or his tools* spent,

He let’s the strong breezes to rest on the call of the wild one*

But they wait on the mans call, him whom had mastered the rain

Note: In Africa, people are capable of making rains fall. Most of these people are the native traditional doctors, those reverred to have access to the wisdom of ancient and dead beings and spirits.  
Tools*:  the rainmaking tools of the rainmaker which comprises of leaves, herbs, and other condiments. 

Wild one*: it is obvious that the rainmaker and the wild one is one and the same person. Or yet can be the source of the rainmakers powers. 


Just by the Countryside


Just by the countryside…

Where only fields of green stay

And where the mud mix with the clay

Live the blue Clouds that smiled always

And everything  here had something to say

The trees tower over the fine little huts,

Where the green forest sit upon the hills,

With her inhabitants living with a firm will

Across the strings of hills and valleys

With the forest giving all something to feel

When we had the mornings…

We had dew fresh like the silk

And the buffaloes supply us milk,

There is a blue wide wild lake

Which gave the forest dwellers drink

The streams are clean, flowing eastwards

And a multitude of birds flew the skies

Banging their fair talons into the sky

Making a view for the bamboo trees which stood high

And dancing to the tunes of the waterfalls when she sigh

The noon blossom under the hot sun

Yes, the heat is not so hospitable, not so mild

But the birds still soared up the clouds

The women still had millet to pound

And men with their dogs hunt the hog

When the strength of the sun go faint

The men will gather at the inn for beer

The girls make the soup a little warmer

And prepare for a happy family dinner,

Stray songs of children make the evening milder

The Nights are not easy though

She tells of many long beautiful tales,

About the strange duck sitting by the well

Or the Old granny who sit to tell the tale

Of the giraffe which tried to make a sail

Across the big wide taunting Ocean

And how the Giraffe sank without a trace

The nights seem like a miniature race

Everyone hustle down with great haste

To the Oak tree where awaits an evening rest

Waiting for the Rain


We are baked in the sun

While waiting for the rain,

But now she remembered us

The clouds has been moody

and we knew she must surely cry

now she wept, throwing rain water

All over the little hamlet

Now I claim the first drop

And you claim the next drop

Oh look up and see the rains come

see the multitude as they descend

The sweet romance of this rain

wash off the stress and pains

of the days work and labor


and when it rains in Africa

After a long drought

we dance and celebrate





West African Discovery




Rhetorics: The bridge, friends, rain, family and love

What is better than bringing two worlds together,
Bringing life and earth over a body of water?

What is better than true friendship
When it’s all about companionship?

What is better than the scent of the rain
When it brings the reign of droughts to end?

What is better than the smiles of loved ones
When in all, good or bad, gives special fun?

What is better than the love in your eyes
When it brings me to Divine speed and might?

The bridge serves the community
It shares in every dream we believe in;
Involving friends, and their aspirations
We are connected to a circle that never ends
Love nurtures this circle and sense of family
Built on unconditional care and concern for others
Alas, the rains must fall; must fall on us all
And it tells of how common we must be
To one another; male or female, white or black
And the need for a long lasting linking bridge
For all dreams, mankind dreams of sharing

The First Rains

“Tap-tap tap, tap tap… Tap!
I hear the pat-pattering of the first rain drops
As they fall in quiet, indifferent but solemn grace
… From the comfort of my warm dear bed…”

The heavy wind blew up the curtains
Sending papers and nylons flying high
The skies are grossly dark and faceless
The wind blew even more harder
Bringing fine sand and dust to the door
And upon the dark horizons; come the lightning
Flashing lightly, showing off hidden silhouettes
Of trees and houses, which stood here and there
As the pat-pattering of the rains continued

The neighborhood grows cool and quiet
Wandering night birds find solace in cracks
The strong winds sift into peoples homes
Driving the heat as the Masai drive the cattle
As mild as the rains has pledged to be
The heavens stomach rumbled, but not loudly
Just a grumbling, one of a whistle-blowing
The breadths of the clouds echo after it
Belching in corners, raising a sequence
But the pat-pattering of the rains continued

All is wet, the roofs, the greens
And all that makes life beautiful
The rain comes in a grande style
This is his time, the time for some spoil
The smell of wet clay filters in
Nothing compares to the life
Which the first rains brings to all
The pat-patterings sing a lullaby…

The greying cassava leaves and stalks
The moonfly, the bats, the owls, all that can fly
The farm cattle, the birds and the shepherd sit quietly
Waiting for the morning, for the time the sun will rise
Hoping to see how bright the clouds will look
For the rains has washed the dusts and soot off
Even so, all live: faun and flora
And the nights ferocious shadows;
Quiver at the touch of the wind
A romance come from heavens
As a sweet and fresh smell of earth rise
When the pat-patterings fall upon the dusty soil

Now the weather is clement
For the terrible villainy heat
Has gone with the winds strife
The heat battle the winds upon the skies
The nights innocence and fate has been proved
Humans and cattle relax, so also all that is winged
The rains come slowly
The farmstead grow happy
As the rains pat-patter down the roadside

The joys of the first rains has come!